It is a platform for learning, publishing online courses, holding webinars and registration of offline events

The goal of the project

To provide the society with a service that enables to create high-quality information products that will meet the real needs of employers

The foundation

Dmitry Yuldashev says: ”In my family education was always considered to be the basis of everything. I have always loved to learn have constantly learnt new things. My business projects were tied to IT. And then came an idea of how to integrate education and technology in one project. I began to think about the problems that our clients faced: it was too expensive to create a website, set up advertising, create auto processes, pay monthly subscriptions for webinars, crm, etc. I realized I could make life easier for authors and help them save money. And that who helps people has a chance for successful business. This is how Meleton — a project that helps specialists develop and improves education — was created”

An interesting fact:
Where the name ”Meleton” came from?

Since childhood, I have adored the myths and legends of Ancient Greece. Meleton can be translated from Latin as getting the best knowledge. This name will always be a reminder of the level which we must meet.

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